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Who Will Be Tennis No. 1 This Year?

Its a toss between the top 2- and anything could happen.

When it comes to sports betting, people can be very creative in betting options. Aside from basic wagers, there are also prop bets that can be just as exciting as the spread. For tennis, people can also wager on world ranking, among others. And one of the most exciting is this year’s rankings for Tennis No. 1.

Your sportsbook pay per head software will have a lot of odds for tennis, which fans around the world will definitely be betting on. A lot of punters are looking at the up-and-coming Carlos Alcaraz, while some are steady with Novak Djokovic.

Alcaraz needed to reach the final in Toronto and gain the top spot at the ATP for the rest of the US tour to be World No. 1. However, he lost in the quarterfinals against US player Tommy Paul. Currently, Alcaraz is 600 points ahead of Djokovic. When the numbers are updated next week, he will have 9,395 points. Djokovic will have 8,795.

Who Will Be Tennis No. 1 This Year?Who Will Be Tennis No. 1? Alcaraz or Djokovic?

If Alcaraz will win he Cincinnati and US Open, that will give him 3,000 points. If he plays both finals in that event against Djokovic, Djokovic will add 1,800, adding his total 50 10,215. Alcaraz would also need to be a semifinalist in the seventh Masters 1000 and reach the US Open Final to get the top spot. All of this will give him 10,355.

Now, if Alcaraz wants to retain the top spot, he will have to look at Djokovic’s points for the year. With both players performing well so far, it really is quite a close match between the two tennis superstars. And you have the chance to make a lot of money from it. Check these sportsbook pay per head reviews, choose one provider, and create an online sportsbook. With that, you can easily earn a lot of money from tennis betting alone.

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