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What to Expect in the 2023 Shergar Cup

A Unique Tournament You'll Have Fun Betting On

In the latest update for those who love horse betting in Georgia, we are bringing you one of the more unique tournaments in Ascot, the 2023 Shergar Cup. There are quite a lot of racing events happening right now, but with the gap between the Glorious Goodwood and the Ebor Festival, the Shergar Cup gives us something to wager on while waiting.

The event will be held in the Berkshire track, with Great Britain and Ireland as defending champions. The event will have six races. So if you want to earn from this tournament, you can check this racebook platform to help you manage all the action. Not just with Shergar races, but from horse races from around the world, too.

The Shergar Cup is rich in history, and the format is quite different from other tournaments. This makes it a more exciting tournament for those who bet on horses. Of course, it also means that bookies can earn a lot from this event as well.

2023 Shergar Cup Details

This is actually a team event, where jockeys will compete in teams. The composition is based on gender and geography. There are 12 riders that will be split into four teams- Great Britain and Ireland, Ladies, Europe, and Rest of The World.

These jockeys will have five rides each across the six races. Points will be given to the first five home. The winner gets 15 points, second place gets 10 points, the third place gets 7, fourth gets 5, and the fifth gets 3 points. The team with the most points after six races will be declared the winner of the Shergar Cup. Then the jockey with the most points will win the Alistair Haggis Silver Saddle Trophy and the bonus that comes with it.

The races will be held in one afternoon, and with a close schedule, you can expect a lot of wagers coming in for each race, plus wagers on the actual tournament.

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