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USA vs St Kitts and Nevis Betting Pick – CONCACAF Gold Cup Prediction

The USA had a 1-1 draw against Jamaica. Thus, they seek to take out their frustrations on the island nation of St Kitts and Nevis as they try to improve their standings at the CONCACAF Gold Cup. Here are our USA vs St Kitt and Nevis betting picks and predictions.

According to soccer betting news reports, it will be the first time that St Kitts and Nevis will face a non-Caribbean nation at a CONCACAF tournament. However, it will be a tough assignment for the team. They lost to Trinidad and Tobago in their first game.

Betting Analysis and Predictions

USA vs St Kitts and Nevis Betting Pick – CONCACAF Gold Cup PredictionIt was tough to find a line that did not ask for an arm and a leg in juice, given the astronomical odds against St. Kitts and Nevis in this game. The reality is that books either do not provide it at all or provide such restricted possibilities that playing is not fun. Do not worry; we did the research and found a great best bet for you that will not have you mortgage your house to win a few bucks.

St. Kitts and Nevis let up three shots in the first 15 minutes in their loss to Trinidad and Tobago. According to Sports Betting Georgia sources, the Sugar Boyz hunkered down and defended as a unit, allowing only one shot on goal (which was stopped in the 14th minute). They managed to keep it even until the last minutes of the first half when they finally conceded in the 43rd minute.

On the other hand, Trinidad and Tobago are not a squad known for jumping out to an early lead, and they lack the speed and size of the United States. Another thing the USMNT will have in spades on Wednesday is a pressing desire to score goals.

USA vs St Kitts and Nevis Betting Picks

Game time: June 28, 2023, at 10:00 PM ET

Bet on the USA to score inside 16 minutes at -120

The United States needs a victory and not just any win. After coming so close to losing to Jamaica, we think the USMNT will come out strong and try to score inside the first 16 minutes. Also, you can use the Kelly Criterion betting method to increase your profits.

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