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Social Media Tech Billionaires will Fight in Cage

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg in a Cage

The latest sports news is not from the twilight zone. But social media tech billionaires will face each other and fight. For what? Bragging rights, maybe? Either way, sportsbooks are now showing odds on the fight between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg.

What started the fight anyway? Rumor has it that Meta, the company of facebook billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, wants to create and launch its own version of Twitter. They believe that a platform as such should have more freedom. Of course, Twitter’s Elon Musk, the force behind Tesla, heard about this. On twitter, he posted that he is “Up for a cage match if he is lol”. Zuckerburg posted an image on Instagram, with the text “Send Me Location.

And just like that, any good bookie pay per head provider will be offering bets on who will win between the two. While this is not really a professional combat match per se, sometimes events like this do happen, and it tends to grab a lot of attention from bettors.

Social Media Tech Billionaires will Fight in CageTech Billionaires will Fight in Cage

Of course, if you read this pay per head blog, then you know its important to learn about the players involved, and the rules of the event. So far, it has not been finalized, but it may really happen. The UFC’s Dana White has been in talks with the two, and as it turns out, they are both serious about this. If this happens, streaming alone will generate millions.

Elon Musk is 51, while Zuckerberg is 39. So the age disparity alone is quite big. We are unclear as to Musk’s background or experience in combat sports, except for vague statements that he’s had experience. Meanwhile, Zuckerberg has background in Jiujitsu, and was recently in the news for winning these tournaments.

Regardless of who will win, whatever charity they decide to support will be the clear and true winner for this event. As for those who are into sports betting, there are a lot of betting options available for this match, and we very much look forward to seeing this happen soon.


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