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PGA Tour and LIV Golf to Merge

The two rival tournaments are now becoming one.

When the LIV Golf first launched, the PGA Tour was like a jealous girlfriend, telling her boyfriend to choose between her and the other. In the case of the PGA, players were told that if they are to join LIV Golf, then they do not get rank points, and they cannot join in their tours. But now, in a move that surprised even those who bet sports online, the PGA tour and LIV Golf to merge is now a certainty.

Sports headlines featured both tours, especially give the fiery history between what is now a short-lived rivalry between the two. The PGA Tour agrees to merge with the LIV golf, which also makes any lawsuits between the two void.

According to the agreement signed by both parties, their commercial businesses will be combined. They will then form a new for-profit company. This also includes the DP World Tour, or the PGA European Tour. If anything, you should open a sportsbook before any tournament after this merger happens to maximize your earning potential.

PGA Tour and LIV Golf to Merge

PGA Tour and LIV Golf to MergeLIV Golf is backed by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, which is controlled by the Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman. The agreement does not disclose more details, and there are a lot of terms that they will need to agree on. The agreement will be finalized in the next week weeks, then a new board will then take over to evaluate proposals. A lot of analysts look at it as a great way to not just end a feud between the two, but to promote the growth of the golf industry around the world.

Of course, this would mean the reshuffling and reapplication of membership and participation of LIV Golfers into the PGA. But it will all be worth it, if we will get to see a larger pool of players joining the biggest events in golf. If you want to earn from this, consider golf when you go into sports betting.


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