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Nikola Jokic and Horse Racing: Now We Know

The NBA Star Loves His Horse Racing

It really is quite odd seeing Nikola Jokic and horse racing together in a sentence, but apparently, this is quite common in his time off the court. Sports betting is the more logical choice, but this is not the case for the NBA Finals MVP. When the star player of the current NBA Champions’ Denver Nuggets was interviewed shortly after winning, he said that he wanted to go home. But because of the parade and other events, his plans of flying back to Serbia was delayed.

While the NBA star was enjoying his NBA victory, something else was keeping him occupied: his horses. And when you bet on horses, you know all the races, and you will want to be there to watch. It is well known that Jokic loves horses, and even reportedly owns around half a dozen horses.

But no one would have expected that one of the reasons why he wants to go back home is to be able to watch his horse in a race. On Sundays, he has his horse racing. While he is great at basketball, his interests also lie with horses. He is too tall to ride, but there was a point in his life where he was in between horses, and basketball. So much so, that his father had to tell him to focus on basketball, then become a horseman.

Nikola Jokic and Horse Racing

Nikola Jokic and Horse Racing: Now We KnowYour horse racing software solution will help you keep track of the races, especially if you want to bet on Jokic’s horses. You can also bet on tracks from anywhere in the world. Jokic himself makes it a point to visit stables when he is touring for the Nuggets. The two-time NBA MVP, was, after all, working in race tracks in his youth, even cleaning stalls.

Jokic does not bet on horses, rather, he enjoys taking care of, and training horses for racing. If you are interested in which races he enjoys, he mostly watches races in Serbia and Hungary. The NBA star earns millions each year, so between his career and being a horseman, there is little time to dabble. But for those who want to earn money from horse racing, there are quite a lot of options available. For instance, the recent Belmont Stakes was a lucrative event for horse racing.

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