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NCAA Football Shuffle Update

College Football is Changing

In the latest college football news, American college football is forever changing with the NCAA Football shuffle that is happening. Some conferences are gaining a lot of new competition that will raise the stakes in their conference, while some are in danger of dying out. Right now, there are still some schools, like Oregon State and Washington State, that are still not declaring their alignment with any of the conferences.

The announcements may not happen until Labor Day, or even longer, so it may take a while before we find out where the remaining Pac-12 schools in the Northwest will be heading. So far, there are negotiations with the MWC and the AAC. As much as we can speculate and see the wagers of people in your bookie pay per head sportsbook, we will not know where they will land.

NCAA Football Shuffle

NCAA Football Shuffle UpdateBoth schools are advised to wait until they can see what revenue they will claim from the dissolution on Pac-12 before they sign in on with others. You also have schools like California, Stanford, and SMU wanting to get into the ACC, but the ACC will need to change their revenue models, and will need 12 out of 15 votes to do so.

Even with the realignment happening, college football will still continue as it is for the season. Meetings will be held next week to discuss the playoffs, the planned expanded 12-team bracket, which will start in 2024 as well. While the conference membership is not final, it seems like all of the planning is happening with the idea that there will be no Pac-12.

And if you are into college football betting, you should be starting a sportsbook by now. This will be the last season as we know it, so there will be a lot of action to expect. It will also give you enough time to adjust to the day-to-day routine of football betting, so that when the 2024 NCAA football season starts with the new format, you will be able to handle everything like a champ.

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