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Jordi Alba to Join Inter Miami

The Herons plan to secure at least five more signings

Inter Miami is poised to redefine the standards for MLS teams in the transfer market with the addition of Jordi Alba. With the recent acquisition of Lionel Messi and the appointment of Tata Martino as their new coach after Phil Neville’s departure, the Herons plan to secure at least five more signings. Despite currently ranking at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, Inter Miami remains within 12 points of a playoff spot. The arrival of Messi and his associates promises rapid improvement, provided the team stays reasonably close to the red line by the time Messi makes his debut on July 21.

Having the world’s best player on their roster naturally attracts other players to join Miami. When learning how to be a bookie, you will realize the impact of this in betting as well. However, the team must also navigate MLS roster rules, meaning they will need to offload contracts to create space for additional players, as the league’s regulations concerning Designated Players and salary caps remain unchanged, with the exception of Messi.

Jordi Alba to Join Inter MiamiJordi Alba to Join Messi, Etc.

Inter Miami continues its swift pace of transfer announcements, securing left back Jordi Alba on a one-year deal with an option for a second year. While he won’t be available to debut alongside Messi and Busquets against Cruz Azul, the team’s vision is gradually taking shape in Fort Lauderdale. Despite being 34 years old, Alba brings valuable skills to the squad, which is currently lacking depth on the flanks. Expect the odds on the club to change in your per head sportsbook as more and more players get signed.

The Luis Suarez situation has been a rollercoaster, with Gremio demanding the full release clause payment for any potential move. Miami has expressed interest in signing the striker, but President Mas admitted uncertainty about Suarez’s departure. The release clause stands at a hefty $70 million, an amount the club might not be able to afford for a 36-year-old player. If you are looking for where you can wager on the MLS, these gambling reviews can help you.

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