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Fantasy Sports Players Continue to Increase in Numbers

The number of sports betting and fantasy sports players in Canada and the United States has increased recently. Thus, operators have the potential to increase their profits in the region.

A new Fantasy Sports and Gaming Association study said that players in the two countries increased to more than 81 million. It was up seven percent from the previous year and 26 percent from 2021.

According to to pay per head for bookie experts, the study is good news for sports betting and fantasy sports providers, including Caesars and DraftKings. Unfortunately, both companies are suffering fiscal losses. They can increase their profits through fantasy sports.

More Fantasy Sports Players in US and Canada

Fantasy Sports Players Continue to Increase in NumbersThe FSGA said that the US and Canadian fantasy sports markets matured. As a result, there is an increase in regular players. According to sports news reports, operators can see more established player activity patterns.

Fantasy sports players are primarily male, employed full-time, and between 18 and 34. They spend significant money on research materials, subscriptions, parties, fees, and prizes for their fantasy leagues. Football is the most popular fantasy sport, followed by baseball, basketball, and college sports.

Fantasy sports players are also likely to bet on sports, especially on NFL, NBA, and MLB games. The fantasy sports industry is expected to grow further as more states legalize sports betting and more platforms offer innovative and engaging fantasy products.

As consumers become more selective about their favored games, the survey also revealed a diminishing crossover between sports bettors and fantasy players, with the proportion of those doing both in the US declining from 59 percent to 45 percent year over year.

NFL Betting Troubles

An unnamed NFL player reportedly lost $8 million last year due to gambling, highlighting the dangers of compulsive sports betting. NFL players can legally wager on sports other than NFL games.

Five NFL players, including four Detroit Lions players, have just been found in violation of the league’s gambling rules. Also, the NFL is investigating an ongoing investigation against Indianapolis defensive back Isaiah Rodgers.

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