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Daniel Weinman Wins World Series of Poker

Daniel Weinman won the main event of the World Series of Poker to earn $12.1 million. According to Gambling Interaction sources, it was Weinman’s 16th year playing in the WSOP. Also, more than 10,000 players were vying for the prize pot. In addition, he won after 164 hands at the final table.

Weinman said he was unsure about playing in the WSOP this year. The final table featured Toby Lewis and Jan-Peter Jachtmann. Also, Lewis finished in seventh place and earned $1.42 million. On the other hand, Jachtmann finished in fourth place and earned $3 million.

According to Pay Per Head Solution experts, this year’s entry pool 10,043 broke the previous record of 8,773 players in 2006. Weinman felt that poker’s popularity waned in the last few years. Thus, he was surprised to see the number of players at the WSOP this year.

Daniel Weinman Wins WSOP

Daniel Weinman Wins World Series of PokerSteven Jones got second place and won $6.5 million. Adam Walton was in third place and earned $4 million.

According to sources, Jones’s last hand had an off-suit Jack-8. In total, he collected $7,000,000 in funding. It was King-Jack that Weinman predicted.

If you guessed the flop, you are right – a Jack. Jones had a good feeling about the top pair. However, he failed to realize that Weinman held a Jack, giving him a more significant hand. Jones wagered 6 million, and Weinman raised.

Jones appears to be attempting to decipher him and called. When the turn card is a 4, Jones may wonder if Weinman had a straight. After a stake of 38 million from Weinman, Jones went all in. The river is an Ace that helped no one and to the delight of Weinman.

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