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Betting on NFL Super Bowl Champions Are Open

Who will Win this Season?

In the latest football betting news, the Super Bowl takes the center stage as again, with the 2023 NFL Season, betting on the last game of the season is starting. The opening game between the Lions and the Chiefs will not begin until September 7. But aside from Week 1 wagers, futures bets are active. And who will people bet on becoming the NFL Super Bowl Champion?

Learning how to be a bookie will be a lot easier if you know more about the wagers you can make, and who the crowd favorites are. This will help you manage your lines better. In the case of the NFL, of course, the reigning champions the Kansas City Chiefs are the top favorite to win at +600. The Philadelphia Eagles are a close second at +750, and San Francisco 49ers and the Buffalo Bills are tied at +900.

NFL Super Bowl Champions Picks

NFL Super Bowl ChampionsOf course, the Chiefs are the top pick mostly because of Patrick Mahomes and the magic he can do in the field. Every pay per head bookie software user knows how influential a player can be in the odds for any team, and this is one clear example.

However, the Philadelphia Eagles could give the Chiefs a run for their money. The Eagles were the best NFC team last season, and their chances of getting into the conference finals are high. Jalen Hurts is capable of doing great things, especially with AJ Brown and Devonta Smith on his side. Given that the reigning Super Bowl champion historically fumbles in the following season, many will look at the Eagles as the possible champion.

The 49ers are also a possibility because Brocky Purdy can help lead such a good roster to the end of the season. They have a better chance than the Eagles at getting to the finals simply because of an easier path in their division. And sometimes, that’s all you need to gain an advantage. The same could be said for the Buffalo Bills, who had the second-highest win rate in the previous season. There are so many contenders for this season, and it will be exciting to see which teams will emerge as the top favorites as the season goes on.

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