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VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs Guide

The Valorant Tournament Playoffs will Begin Soon

In the latest sports news in Georgia, we are going to travel halfway around the world to bring you the latest VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs guide. In case you are new to the eSports scene, this tournament is the biggest event that will crown the best Valorant team in the world. Those who will perform well in this tournament can secure a spot in the Valorant Champions 2023.

For this tournament, the three major regions, EMEA, the Pacific, and the Americas, will be sending three representatives to Japan. Fnatic gets an extra slot as they won the VCT Lock/In. This is the second international tournament of the VCT 2023 Season, and you can easily check the odds set up for this event in your pay per head sportsbook software.

VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs

VCT Masters Tokyo Playoffs GuideFor this tournament, the 12 teams are split into two groups, where the winners will win and get into the playoffs. The losing teams will form the group stage, where they will go through a double elimination group stage. The top two of this round will join the other winners in the playoffs. The playoffs will be from June 16 to June 21. From June 16, we will begin with the upper bracket quarterfinals between LOUD and Team Liquid, then Fnatic will face Paper Rex the next day. For June 18, there will be two games, all the way to June 20.

On June 21, we will have the semifinals and finals for the different brackets. The Finals will be from June 24 to June 25. There is more than enough time for you to find sportsbooks for eSports betting, as this will be one of the biggest Valorant events this year. The prize pool starts at $15,000 for the 12th place, and goes up all the way to $350,000 to the winner.

The best thing is, you will not need to travel to Tokyo to get the latest news. You can simply check back here in our eSports page, or you can check your eSports betting sites. You can also watch the tournament live through the Riot Games’ channels on YouTube and Twitch. It really is that easy to enjoy eSports and earn from it as well.

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