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IOC Strips International Boxing Association of Status

Future of Boxing is Still Good

In the latest Olympic news, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) strips the International Boxing Association of their status as the sport’s world governing body. Does this mean that bookies need to move betting lines? Not necessarily.

Let us look back at what happened to trigger this decision. Back in 2019, the IBA was suspended for failing to meet the set reforms regarding governance and address corruption issues. The IOC has made it clear that they have no problem with boxing, or with boxers. They also say that the boxers deserve to be governed by an international federation with integrity and transparency.

The IBA, of course, argues that this is a tremendous error, and that they have implemented the recommendations by the IOC.

International Boxing Association is Out, World Boxing is In

IOC Strips International Boxing Association of StatusIf you are betting on sports in Georgia, then you will still have options as World Boxing, a breakaway international federation, was formed back in April. The IOC will still be in charge of managing the sport for Paris 2024. Initially, the sport was removed in the initial programme for Los Angeles 2028. But after the IOC session where they held the vote, they will be including the sport in the programme. You will still be able to offer lines on boxing in the Olympics in your sportsbook pay per head business.

This will be good closure for the sport as recent events have caused quite a stir. For instance, back in October, the Russian-backed IBA lifted its ban on Belarusian and Russian boxers. Following this, many countries, Great Britain included, boycotted the World Championships this year. The decision to allow boxers from Russia and Belarus to play under their countries’ flags are against the IOC’s guidance.

For now, World Boxing will seek recognition from the IOC. The process may take a couple of years, but they are willing to do the groundwork to get everything started. The organization is led by an interim board whose representatives are from Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, the Philippines, the United States, and Sweden.

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