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Denver Nuggets Lead Finals Series 3-1

The Nuggets again prove that their roster is solid and reliable.

When you bet on basketball, there are a lot of considerations to make. Sometimes you favor a player, sometimes you look at the numbers, or you look at a team as a whole. And the Denver Nuggets prove why a strong roster makes a stronger team than having just a few star players. The Denver Nuggets lead finals series 3-1 after one of the most exciting games we have seen in the finals.

Sports news in Georgia features NBA news, as the NBA is one of the most popular sports in the state. And even with just a few games left, people still talk about the NBA a lot. Especially Game 4 last Friday night. The Nuggets beat the Miami Heat 108-95.

Nikola Jokic scored 23 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 steals, and 2 blocks. And also got injured. But that did not stop him or the bench from winning the game. Of course, Jamal Murray is ever reliable, especially in that crucial time in the game when Jokic had 5 fouls and the Heat wanted to bank on that.

Denver Nuggets Lead Finals Series

Denver Nuggets Lead Finals Series 3-1Miami was a strong contender, and have upped their performance from the previous three games. But Denver has the Heat beat in terms of resilience. Aaron Gordon and Bruce Brown added 27 points and 21 points, respectively. There was quite a scare in the 4th quarter when it seems like Miami was closing the gap. But Murray was there, running the offense, and Brown giving us the best 11 points he could give.

With a roster like this, one can easily tell that this team can weather a lot of storms blown their way. Even without Jokic, Gordon shone. He had his teammates, even bench players, showing us that they work well regardless of the situation. Definitely the ways of a champion team. They need one more win performing this well, and they will have it. If you want to bet on the next game, you can check these sportsbook reviews to find a good sportsbook for your needs.

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