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Canucks Signs Pius Suter

The Forward Moves to Vancouver for Two Years

In the latest in Hockey, the Vancouver Canucks signs Pius Suter in a two-year, $3.2 million contract. The forward will be leaving the Detroit Red Wings and will be crossing over the border to help the Canucks strengthen their roster for the next season. Suter had 14 goals as well as 10 assists over 79 games with the Red Wings in the last season.

Those who want to open a sportsbook for hockey betting still have time to get their sportsbook up and running while we are waiting for the season to start. And if you do love your hockey betting, Suter is a name you are likely to be familiar with. He is, after all, a highly visible player who many hold with high regard. His reliability and ability to think well under pressure is helping him gain more popularity in the NHL, just three years into the league.

Canucks Signs Pius Suter for Two Years

Canucks Signs Pius SuterSuter has had 43 goals in the past three seasons, so whatever team he plays with will probably end up a favorite in your future hockey betting picks. Suter not only helps with scoring, but is also a flexible enough player that the Canucks can use him to play in the middle or on the wing.

Suter is 27 years old, and hails from Switzerland. He joined the NHL back in 2020 playing for the Chicago Blackhawks. If you look at his record in the past three seasons with Chicago and Detroit, he has 87 points. 43 goals, and 44 assists covering 216 games.

A lot of hockey fans who bet on the Canucks will be happy to see more depth in their roster, with a well-performing and smart player. You can expect a lot more wagering on the Canucks in your sportsbook, but your sports betting platform will handle any increase as the season starts and progresses. The Canucks are not the only team making good changes in their rosters, so next season will have a different landscape than the previous one, and its guaranteed to be an exciting one.


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